Friday, April 17, 2009


I had fusion surgery on my L5-S1. It was a PLIF.
Pretty routine stuff. The thing I want to note is that my sense of taste is about 100 times better now than it was.
The way I figure it, I was in such pain and spent so much effort getting through it that I lost sense of other things.
When I woke up in recovery the first thing I noticed was a severe need to pee. Then I noticed that I had no pain in my back and leg. Oh there was some discomfort from the surgery but the pain was gone.
Before thr surgery I thought my leg was broken, my calf twisted, mt foot distorted, my toes pointing in all directions. Moving, sitting, laying, existing was unbearable. There were times when I wished I could cut off everything from the waste down. Then all of a sudden all I had was the pain of a little muscle pull.
When I had my first meal, it was as though I was being fed concentrated everything. A spoon of jello tasted like I'd bitten into a block of concentrated lime. The beans tasted like the freshed green beans, the meat was super spicy and even the cold water tasted like it poured fresh off a glacier.
The whole experience was almost undescribable.